President’s Day Challenge?

Phyllis is right on schedule for making her challenge quilt.  She showed it to us at the business meeting in March.  Her magazine page was black and white print.

Loretta was on track and said her Ben Franklin quilt was ready.

We had a challenge called the President’s Day Challenge… President’s Day was Monday, February 20, 2017… came and went.  Why did we call it the President’s Day Challenge?  It’s for all of you PROCRASTINATORS!!!  The challenge was to find a magazine ad that gave you inspiration to make a 36″ by 36″… (or was it 45″ by 45″?)… Anywho… make a quilt somewhere in the ballpark of the above sizes and bring it to the monthly business meeting on April 25th.  It will be entered into the challenge at the quilt show put on by our friends of the United Quilt Guild of Salem on July 14, 15, and 16, 2017.  (Click on our Calendar of Events tab at the top of this site and click on one of the above dates for more information about the quilt show!)


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